What should I put on my home page?

A home page is a bit like a cover to a book. It displays a snapshot of what your website is about and links to the important sections and pages on the site. It also serves as a sort of main reference point. This is particularly important if a site has a lot of pages.

All home pages need a header and a navigation menu. The menu should be intuitive and easy to understand. If you have social media accounts, icons linking to your pages should be clearly visible at the top of your home page and sometimes repeated in the sidebar or footer too. The contact page should be on the main menu and it is often advisable to put contact details in the footer of a website too.

Some examples of typical home pages:

An artist’s website – the home is often a signature image or a slider displaying four or five images on a loop. Some artist’s like to show their signature (not if they use the same signature for important documents such as cheques!)

An author’s website – the home page is usually a brief introduction to the author and has links to the main sections of the site. The side bar may contain mailing list sign up forms, details of latest books or social media feeds.

Small business website – the home page is a snapshot of what the business is about and has links to the main sections. The home page is particularly important on a business site. It must set a good first impression and funnel the user into making a decision to get in touch or buy. Contact details must be clearly visible and the text must be succinct and easy to read. Web visitors are put off by wordy home pages. All they want is information on the product or service on offer, and how to get in touch or buy – known as CALL TO ACTIONS.

Other options to consider on a business home page:

  • Blog highlights
  • Client testimonials
  • Social media feeds
  • Video introductions
  • Images that illustrate the product or service
  • Slide shows
  • Newsletter sign up boxes
  • Social media share buttons




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