Here’s a question we sometime get asked…

One question: your templates seem to take quite a time to load compared to those offered by other web designers. Is that true?

It’s a fact that some sites load faster than others. For example, simple HTML sites tend to load very quickly because they are just that – very simple. There is no querying of a database or processing of different layers of code. We prefer to create our websites using WordPress. WordPress (WP) websites do tend to take slightly longer to load because they are much more powerful and complex. WP website consist of several ‘layers’ – the core WP software, the theme and customisations of the theme. This can affect the page download speed. In addition, WP websites are powered by a database and every time you request to view a page, the database (on the host’s server) has to be queried and all the elements of the web page sent to the browser. This takes a few moments – ie it is not more or less instant as in an HTML site. You have to balance this with the fact that WP is an extremely robust and well respected website development platform. It allows for the creation of modern websites with many features, including the mobile responsiveness, that cannot be a achieved easily or cheaply with an HTML site. In addition a WP website is easy to manage, update and expand – which again can’t be said of HTML sites. The bottom line is that yes, WP websites do take slightly longer to load, but you have to off-set this against the power, flexibility and design benefits offered by a WP website.

Of course there are other factors that affect how quickly a web page loads such as the amount of information on the page, number of images, the speed of the hosting servers, any browser or computer issues, IP issues or issues with the hosting itself. All our sites are expertly coded, so nothing related to the coding of the site should slow it down. As web designer, we are not in control of factors such as issues related to the viewer’s computer or browser, any viewer related IP issues or hosting issues (hosting is provided by a third party).

With regard to choosing a reliable, fast host, the key is to choose a host that does not over-sell it’s server space and provides good support. Look for quality rather than lowest price. Hosting companies and packages are not all the same. Cheap and cheerful hosting is usually cheap for a reason – ie it can be slow, space on the servers oversold, and support limited.