We Have Revamped Our Website. Does Your Site Need A Revamp Too?

In the web design industry, web design methodologies and technologies move forward very quickly. Every month there is something new to the market. WordPress releases several updates a year and theme developers are quick to add new gadgets. A website can begin to look a bit outdated in just one year!

One of the big advantages of using WordPress is that it is relatively easy to give your website a makeover every now and then. We call it ‘re-theming’. The general look and feel of the site can be upgraded to meed new design standards and new functionality can be added to keep your website at the cutting edge of web designs.

We’ve just update our website. We have kept all the old content, but added a new theme which gives the site a new, contemporary style. We’ll probably have to do the same next year.

If you think your site is looking a bit tired, why not get in touch? We will review your site and tell you what can be done to bring it in line with modern designs. One of the main problems with old sites is that they are not mobile responsive, so we will make sure that your new site meets Google’s directives on responsive web design too.



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